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Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black

Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce

Open Banking: What it Means for You


Canadians have little control over their personal financial data and many use third-party banking apps that place them at greater risk of identity theft and fraud. The federal government must give Canadians the means to share their financial data safely and securely by facilitating what’s called open banking.


My Fall 2019 Update

News | Senator Doug Black

Why would the Government sit on its hands and not defend our strategic Canadian asset?

News Release Many Canadians are questioning why the Government would not actively oppose the recent leave to appeal applications respecting the Trans Mountain Pipeline, including Elected Alberta Senator Doug Black who, this morning wrote to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, David Lametti seeking answers to this burning question.   Senator Black, on behalf of all Canadians who had their tax dollars invested by the Government into the Trans Mountain Pipeline…
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Canada’s Economy is Challenged and Senator Doug Black Seeks Understanding

News Release With an eye on the pressures impacting Canada’s economy, Elected Alberta Senator Doug Black who chairs the Standing Senate Committee on Banking Trade and Commerce is seeking a special meeting of the committee with the Governor of the Bank of Canada.     Senator Black said, “Today I have written to the Government Representative and to the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate asking for their approval to convene the Committee to hear from Bank of Canada Governor St…
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"Closed for Business" Sign Remains in the Window of Canada

Remarks on the Message from Commons on Bill C-69 Impact Assessment BillCanadian Energy Regulator BillNavigation Protection Act Bill to Amend—Message from Commons—Motion for Concurrence in Commons Amendments and Non-Insistence Upon Senate Amendments Adopted On the Order: Resuming debate on the motion of the Honourable Senator Mitchell, seconded by the Honourable Senator Gagné: That, in relation to Bill C-69, An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regul…
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I will continue to advocate and support our collective family business

Statement by the Honourable Doug Black Today, Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black issued the following statement regarding Bill C-48 and C-69. "This week, the Government flexed its muscles and is forcing Bills C-48 and C-69 on Canadians. I am disappointed that they chose to ignore the appeals of Provinces, First Nation Leaders, municipalities, associations and the resource industry who put forward sensible, carefully thought out amendments to ensure that responsible resource dev…
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